På Juztmove finner du treningtilbud til alle

Physical activity provides a good and happy life

We believe that physical activity is an important ingredient in a happy life. Our view is confirmed through our own exercise, feedback from users, our consulting team in the university and hospital environments and last but not least from other research and development environments worldwide. This gives us extra inspiration to create great solutions for those who want to move a little or a lot more.

Public health is a big part of Juztmove´s area of concern. By improving public health in general, not only will life quality for each individual be improved, it will also provide significantly greater health effects per dollar of the government´s and others' budgets. Through Juztmove we strive to make people happier, reduce hospitalizations and rehabilitation stays as well as to delay the need for nursing services.

Would you like to contribute, simply contact us. We have an open platform where we welcome everyone to contribute in the process of integrating physical activity as a more natural part of every individual's life.