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The University of Stavanger is located in the most attractive region in Norway with 300,000 inhabitants. The region has a dynamic work force and exciting cultural and leisure activities. The interaction between UiS and the workforce is diverse. The academic corporation of the University of Stavanger is organized in three faculties with 14 departments and two national resource centres in addition to the Archaeological Museum.

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Stavanger University Hospital - Helse Stavanger HF is the nation's fourth largest hospital in terms of activity. The hospital has 7,300 employees and serves a population of 330,000 in South Rogaland. An area spreading from n Hjelmeland in the north to Sokndal in the south. Stavanger University Hospital has a budget of 4.7 billion and is owned by the RHA RHA.

The hospital has four main tasks: patient care, research, education of health professionals and education to each patient. klklklklThrough these tasks we wish to "promote health and quality of life." As a specialist in Rogaland, we have a special responsibility to exercise our responsibility to the benefit of the population. This is reflected through our motto "Our expertise - your peace of mind."

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Ipark - Anyone familiar with entrepreneurship knows that it takes hours of hard work and dedication to transform an idea into a business with commercial success. It is demanding and the risk is high. It is therefore not unusual to give up or to be forced to quit after only a few years because the business are not eligible to sustain income generating operations. Evaluations reveal that the chance of survival and develop into a solid business increase significantly when the business has been developed in an incubator.

Ipark offers business development and counselling to create successes.

Ipark is located in Stavanger and is part of the academic?environment in Ullandhaug. The International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS) and the University of Stavanger (UIs) are important partners.

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