Board and Management

Bjorn Gronning

Bjørn Grønning

Bjørn Grønning has a master in Information Technology from the University of Stavanger and holds an MBA from London, UK in International Business and Export Management. He has been a part of the establishment of several national and international companies and has extensive experience with innovation.

Phone: +47 9132 7928 


Birthe J Evertsen 

Marketing manager

Birthe Juhl Evertsen has a BA. in music and organization and management from the University of Stavanger. She has studied health psychology and behavioral medicine at Mid Sweden University. She is a certified communication advisor? and fitness instructor and has had her own fitness centre in Stavanger. With her own business, she has been the innovator of programmes and education in the psychosocial work environment and  communication and stress. From personal experience with illness she knows that exercise can cure almost anything. Her commitment is to get "people in motion".

Phone: +47 9132 7919