High pulse contributes to a healthy brain

Juztmove was brought to life in the aftermath of a research project which developed a method to measure cognitive level.

Through the research project it became clear that high pulse through exercise has a significant positive effect on cognitive function and that, among other things, high pulse delays the onset of dementia.

Moreover, other research projects have revealed that fall injuries are one of the most frequent causes of hospitalization among the elderly. Fall injuries can be reduced by strengthening muscles and skeleton. Juztmove is particularly interested in this. Through other projects, the company also gained knowledge of how the brain can be controlled in ways which a workout will give better effect. It's no secret that the brain will give up long before your muscles have reached their ultimate limit. By decreasing the brain's awareness of pain signals when the body is exposed to a tough workout better results can be reached.

Juztmove is working closely with research and development enviornents to realize new health solutions. The goal is to increase quality of life and enjoyment to users of Juztmove their solutions.