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Juztmove provides guidance for changing lifestyle so you get fitter or just get better with yourself. The service contains opportunity for a personal plan for what needs to be done and close follow-up for reaching your goals.<br><br>

Sign up for a Juztmove membership and get help to cope with the day a little better. Become an everyday champion. Juztmove is the place for you who want to exercise at your convenience. On Juztmove you’ll find many training videos available to you absolutely free. Log in and you will see the full versions and many more videos.<br><br>

On Juztmove there are many providers of services. Use the search field above and check out the provision of guidance and training facilities.

In order to be a member of Juztmove, user must register themselves :

  1. Click on the Register button on the site header on the right hand side. Or else click on the following link to <a href="">visit register page directly.</a> 
  2. Fill the form fields and click on Register button.

Simply click on Sign In text or icon next it to move forward with logging into Juztmove system. After adding relevant username and password click on Sign In button.

On Juztmove you’ll find training and workout videos, live broadcasts from exercises and other content available from content providers. Content providers are municipalities that facilitate content, commercial training centers that offer training and others who want to offer content on Juztmove.

Users in Juztmove are individuals that want to change lifestyle or persons that just want to have a good workout to be more fit.

A coach in Juztmove is a professional person who has an expertise on workouts and how the exercises should be performed to get the best from the workout.

Main Menu contains general pages and User Menu contains pages which contains content unique to the relevant user.

Quick Links are in the middle of the Two Side Menu’s to ease up user’s navigation. It consists 5 categories filtered with all the videos.

The Video Feed page contains all the videos available on Juztmove. By using the Search Box or by clicking on Labels (tags), it is possible to find the videos you are looking for.

The Article Feed page contains relevant articles for a good lifestyle, fitness and good health.

Favorite Page contains all the videos which respective user selected as favorites.

Top rated page contains all the videos and articles which has been rated high by all the users in the system.

Watch Later page contains videos or articles which a user has marked with the watch later label.