Increase sales with fitness classes online

Publiser treningstimer på Juztmove

With Juztmove your fitness centre can publish exercise videos / classes and make these available to Juztmove members or limited to members of your fitness centre. It´s also possible to submit live classes from the fitness centre.

By getting online, a unique opportunity to expand the limits of the fitness centre is available. Completely different customer groups can be absorbed, for instance those who have to travel a great distance. With online classes they have the possibility to work out more easily. As for others, they may not feel comfortable at a fitness centre or find it too expensive with a regular membership. By using Juztmove’s solutions a great new arena to reach out to customers is available.

Juztmove serves as a clever marketing channel and is an additional source of income for you. To get started is completely free - There are no costs related to posting videos. Please contact Juztmove for consultancy concerning how your fitness centre can be incorporated and how Juztmove´s and your own websites can be integrated.  (embed)

Please send an email to or contact Bjorn Gronning at +47 9132 7928 for more information.