Create your own fitness centre on juztmove

Publiser treningstimer på Juztmove

As an instructor you can create your own fitness centre on Juztmove and  upload classes - for free. The basic principle of Juztmove is simply that instructors make available fitness classes and juztmove members attend these. You will get paid in accordance to how much revenue the video earns in terms of number of viewings.

Juztmove is more than a website. It's your new virtual fitness centre that provides completely new opportunities for reaching out to a wide audience.

Juztmove is constructed in an intuitive manner, both for you as a coach and your subscribers. You can offer your classes through the juztmove portal and reach out to both those who are your particularly invited users and potential new users who are already members of Juztmove.

Please contact Bjorn Gronning by email, or by telephone,  +47 9132 7928 for more information.

Which skills are required to become an instructor at Juztmove?
There are no formal requirements to become an instructor at Juztmove, but we expect that you deliver good quality in your exercise classes and other content which you make available. If you are an experienced instructor you may be comfortable in front of a camera, and hence share a great exercise experience with even more people.

To deliver good and interesting classes that captivates your virtual customers is a skill that must be learned, but experience will occur gradually as long as you just give it a try.

For customers to be comfortable with the program, it is important to have your classes well planned. It might be smart to check out some videos (on youtube?) to get some tips or tricks on how to become successful in front of the camera.

Check this link:10 Tips in front of the camera

What is required of investments and equipment?
A web camera or a home camera and a computer are the only requirements necessary to get started uploading your own videos and to create your own fitness centre. However, from experience we have learned that audio is especially important for providing good quality exercise classes. Therefore we recommend that some time is dedicated facilitating audio and picture to secure the quality of your material.

How do I recruit members?
The classes you offer are available to several users across the country because internet is the only requirement to attend the class. You can promote the solution by sending invitations directly - or your customers can recommend your classes in particular to others.

The training classes available on Juztmove are also marketed by Juztmove through many different marketing activities.