Free exercise for users of the Leisure centre

Kom i form med Juztmove

Stay fit with the leisure centre and Juztmove
Juztmove is an internet based activity platform where you can find video-based fitness and lifestyle programs. We put research results into action by applying practical solutions to improve physical and mental health. On Juztmove there are a large variety of videos with precautions taken for individuals in rehabilitation, the chronically ill, seniors and for people who seek lifestyle changes.

Skilled instructors provide positive experiences
Training programs are delivered by highly qualified instructors. These provide a broad and diverse offer aimed at the whole family. Providers of fitness classes are among others SolSomatics, Marina Sandes Yoga and Senior Trim. Several classes are by Juztmove activity centre. And we have martial arts and self defence classes from Stavanger MMA centre and House of Dance.

Trening for alle

Varied exercise

  • Yoga, Pilates, stretching, core workouts
  • Boot camp, high intensity muscle workouts, cardio
  • Martial arts, self defence
  • Dance and other movement training also for children and the elderly
  • Fitness for golfers and other sports
  • Reduce tence at the office - flexibility training and muscle tense reduction for office staff
  • supplemented with mindfulness and streetdance (Fall  2014)
Trening for alle

Take a 5 minute break often during the day
During the day we sit too much and for too long periods a time. Start moving and counteract the tense in your body before it becomes unbearable.  As a result your everyday will become easier and you will feel better. With Juztmove you can do short exercises for neck and shoulders that loosens up and help you break the pattern of lack in physical activity during the day.

Work out in the morning, evening or in the middle of the day - you decide
At home, at work or elsewhere - work out. Do a dance class for 30 minutes and have fun while training. Get your pulse racing with a boxing class that is both fun and demanding. Or take a gentle yoga class. We are all different and on Juztmove there is something for everyone.

24/7 - Exercise when it suits you and exercise what suits you
Juztmove is open all day every day. Without spending time commuting you can do a half hour effective workout in a social setting with your familiy at home. Select a class that suits you, whether you need to consider a bad back, aching shoulders or stomach - it's easy. Get online at home, at the cottage or when travelling with use of either the web, tablet or mobile phone.

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